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Burton's Maplewood Farm Grade "B" Maple Syrup 12 oz. Oval Glass Bottle~ Limited Quantity of 375 Bottle's
This is our Traditional or Classic "B" Grade Maple Syrup.  This syrup is darker in color more robust in maple flavor. "B" Grade is highly sought after by most Chefs and Homemakers.  12-oz. Oval Glass Bottle. This Artisan Rum Barrel Aged Maple Syrup has been aged in 14 year old Tennessee Rum Kegs from Prichard's Distillery. These kegs have been hand picked, hot packed & bottled by Tim Burton to ensure the highest most consistent Barrel flavor.  Our Maple Barrel Aged Syrup has light buttery rum notes that greet the back palette with a nice maple finish.  This unique elixir adds a great finished flavor to many savory & pastry dishes.

2013 Limited Release
              375 Bottles

Each bottle will have the Barrel No. & will be individually numbered in sequence by hand.

Served in 12oz glass bottle
Limited Quantity of Bottle's Burton's Maplewood Farm Grade "A" Dark Robust Syrup in 1.75 oz. Sampler Glass Leaf Bottle
Patriarch is like no other Barrel Aged Maple Syrup we've ever created. Trifecta represents 3 select Kentucky Distillers, 3 Years of Barrel Aging and 3 Burton Generations choosing the best of what the Bluegrass State has to offer...
Pappy VanWinkle / Woodford Reserve / Buffalo Trace
These Barrels were hand selected by Tim Burton and Fire Infused twice a month for three years at Burton's Maplewood Farm. Chasing over 29 years of the Devils Cut (Bourbon that has soaked/trapped in the charred American White Oak Staves) into this syrup rendering the deep, smooth, robust Bourbon Maple finish. The culinary possibilities with this sweet elixir are endless. Limited Release of 533 bottles per batch. Served in 12 oz. glass bottle
In a Special 1.75-oz. Glass Leaf Bottle.

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