Indiana Artisan

Starlight Brandy Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Huber's Starlight Distillery is located at Huber's Orchard, Winery & Vineyards in beautiful Starlight, Indiana. We are proud to be producing brandies much like our ancestors did during the early 1800's. You will find that our distillery produces only the finest products and that our master distillers, Ted Huber and Jason Heiligenberg, are commited to crafting brandies in the finest artisanal European tradition. Our estate bottled winery produces wines with intense varietal character that are hand distilled in individual batches allowing for the ultimate expression of the distillers art.


Producing brandy is no small task and being the first to walk through this process in the State of Indiana was not without its share of frustration. Our master distiller, Ted Huber, and his co-owner Greg Huber spent about 2 years researching and working with our legislators in Indianapolis to pass important legislation that would allow us to produce both wine and brandy. Once this legislation was passed the lighter side of distilling began in the rolling hills of Starlight, IN!

In case you didn't know - it takes several years to produce a brandy. Our first steps were to purchase our "still" so that we could begin the brandy making process. We worked closely with the Christian Carl Company from Germany and someone from their organization visited us on several different occasions to ensure that our equipment was properly installed and that we were started off on the right foot.

Since 2001, we were busy caring, testing, and tasting to ensure that we had the product that we set out to make. We did many comparisons of our brandies with others and found ours to be quite competitive with what is found on the market today!

On December 7th 2004, we released our first brandy. Since the release, we have been excited with our sales and the quality of the product that was produced. Only 1200 bottles were produced and each bottle is carefully signed and numbered for historical purposes.

Although the first product has been released, we find ourselves busily working to release the next products which include an apple and pear brandy. There were also several products that we produced from infusing our brandy and wines together over the course of the last four years. Those products include our Blueberry Port, Raspberry Infusion, Peach Nectar, Apple and Pear Infusion. These products have been very popular for us and have been competitive in many dessert wine competitions.